Estate and Trust

Credible real estate valuation services when a loved one has passed or for administering estates and trusts.

Velox Deceased Estate and Trust Appraisal Services

Velox Estate and Trust Appraisal Services

When dealing with the death of a loved one or coordinating estate planning and trust administration, having a thorough understanding of the value of your assets is crucial. Whether you are a trustee or an executor handling the valuation of estate assets, obtaining an accurate value trust appraisal is essential when making important financial decisions.

At Velox Valuations, we offer comprehensive estate and trust appraisal services to help individuals, families, and fiduciaries with their valuation needs. Using the best industry practices and cutting-edge technology, we provide accurate and reliable appraisals for a wide range of assets while considering each client's unique needs and circumstances.

When Do I Need an Estate and Trust Appraisal?

You may consider an estate and trust appraisal when navigating the delicate process of settling an estate, establishing a trust or ensuring compliance with tax obligations after the loss of a loved one.

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Estate Settlements

If no will or trust is in place at the time of death, the probate court may require an appraisal of the person's property in order to determine its value for distribution among heirs. Without a proper death appraisal, the court may be unable to accurately distribute assets, causing delays or disagreements on the final settlement amount.

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Estate Planning

Understanding that an accurate property appraisal is vital when creating a comprehensive estate plan. Whether it's for tax purposes, equitable distribution for heirs or to have a full financial picture of all assets, our state-certified appraisal team can help provide reliable valuation services for all property types.

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Trust Administration

Knowing how much each asset is worth is crucial during the initial funding of a trust or during its administration process. Giving beneficiaries an accurate valuation of the trust's assets helps to provide an important level of transparency when making distribution decisions and helps to avoid lengthy legal disputes.

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Why Choose Velox for Your Estate and Trust Appraisal Service?

At Velox, we understand that estate appraisals are an important part of financial planning for both family members and the courts. That's why our team of certified appraisers works closely with each client to provide a personalized appraisal experience for all types of properties.

Our team is made up of state-licensed and certified professionals who adhere strictly to USPAP guidelines, ensuring high standards of practice and ethical conduct. Each member of our team is committed to providing fast and accurate appraisals for all types of properties.

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