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Reliable Real Estate Appraisal Services for Bank Valuations and Lenders

When managing a bank or lending institution, it is essential to make data-driven decisions that minimize risk while helping to grow the business. The value of a property can significantly impact the amount of money a borrower can receive, as well as the interest rates and terms that will be applied to the loan. At Velox, we don't take this responsibility lightly, and our team of experienced appraisers combines the latest technology with industry-leading practices to provide credible real estate appraisal services for all of our banking and lending clients.

Rapid Turnaround Times

Rapid Turnaround Times

Our team understands that your bank valuations can't wait weeks to receive a credible appraisal report. That's why we strive to provide rapid turnaround times without compromising accuracy or detail. We utilize advanced technology and streamlined processes to deliver reports in 3-5 days letting you move forward with important business decisions.

Appraiser-Direct Client Support

Appraiser-Direct Client Support

To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, our appraisers work directly with our banking and lending clients throughout the appraisal process. This allows for clear communication and better collaboration and minimizes the need for multiple contact points, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Credible Appraisal Assignments

Credible Appraisal Assignments

The accuracy of our appraisals is a top priority for us, as it directly affects our clients' risk exposure and lending capabilities. Our appraisers undergo rigorous training and stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards and practices to ensure that our assessments always reflect the most accurate market values and trend analysis to support your financial reporting valuations.

Why Banking and Lending Institutions Trust Velox for Their Appraisal Services

Expert Appraiser Team Network

Our growing team of certified appraiser employees specializes in appraising various property types, guaranteeing expert results regardless of the lending scenario.

We complete appraisal assignments for all GSE lending programs, including FHA and VA, in addition to custom programs offered by investors and non-QM lenders. We complete hybrid assignments and waiver-based property inspections. We are the modern appraiser amidst the appraiser modernization movement.

Expert Appraiser Team Network
Rapid Turnaround Times

Rapid Turnaround Times

We understand that time is a crucial factor in the lending process, which is why we prioritize rapid turnaround times for all our appraisal services.

We use the latest technology and streamlined processes to ensure that each appraisal is completed in a timely manner without sacrificing its accuracy or quality.

Appraiser-Direct Client Support

At Velox, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering direct access to our appraisers for all our clients. This level of customer service allows you to get your questions answered quickly and efficiently without any middlemen or delays.

We believe that this direct communication is crucial in providing exceptional appraisal services and ensuring consistency throughout the property valuation process.

Appraiser-Direct Client Support

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Explore All of the Appraisal Services We Offer

At Velox, we offer a wide range of appraisal services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Divorce Appraisals

For couples going through a divorce, determining the value of their real estate properties is important for equitable distribution during settlement negotiations. Our experienced appraisers provide accurate and unbiased appraisal reports that can assist in resolving property disputes during divorce proceedings.

Estates and Trust

When a loved one passes away, their estate may include real estate properties that need to be appraised for tax purposes or financial reporting valuations. Our team of appraisers is experienced in providing appraisal reports for estates and trusts and can assist executors and attorneys in settling the estate efficiently.

Tax Appeal

An accurate appraisal is crucial in building a solid case when navigating property tax assessments and appealing for a lower tax rate or value. Our appraisers are well-versed in local and federal tax laws and can provide a thorough and detailed report to support a tax appeal.


To sell a property quickly and at the best price, it is important to have an accurate understanding of it in relation to the current market. Our pre-listing appraisals provide an unbiased and detailed analysis of the property's value, helping homeowners and real estate agents make informed decisions before listing a property for sale.

Lending Appraisals

Getting accurate bank valuations for mortgage or refinancing a home requires an up-to-date appraisal of the property's value that takes into account current market conditions and variables such as location, size, and condition. Our expert appraisers have the necessary expertise to provide highly accurate lending appraisals to support your financing needs.

PMI Removal

PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) can be an added expense for homeowners who have built up enough equity in their homes to no longer require it. Our appraisers can provide a fair and accurate appraisal to prove that the homeowner's loan-to-value (LTV) ratio has reached the necessary threshold, allowing them to remove PMI from their monthly mortgage payments.

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