PMI Removals

Reliable appraisal services to help verify if and when mortgage insurance costs should be removed.

Velox PMI Removal Services

Velox PMI Removal Services

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) can be a costly financial requirement for homeowners as part of their mortgage agreement. At Velox, we specialize in providing appraisal services that can help lenders verify a PMI removal.

Lenders with an accurate loan-to-ratio value can better determine risk and possibly eliminate the added expense of PMI for the homeowner.

Our team of experienced and state-certified professionals will work diligently to assess the current value of a property while providing a comprehensive report to identify if and when a PMI removal is necessary. We use the latest tools and data to ensure fair, unbiased market value assessments.

When Do I Need a PMI Removal Appraisal?

Consider a PMI removal appraisal when you believe a property’s value has increased significantly enough to reach the threshold for PMI removal.

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Home Appreciation

Appreciation changes are among the most common reasons for verifying a property’s PMI removal eligibility. With the help of an expert appraiser, servicers, lenders or homeowners can verify if a property’s current market value has exceeded the original purchase price, potentially eliminating the need for PMI to stay in place.

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When a mortgage is refinanced at a lower interest rate, it’s important to have the property accurately appraised to see if it meets a specific loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. By getting an accurate real estate appraisal, you can determine a property’s real market value and verify if PMI should be removed.

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Property Renovations

If significant improvements or renovations are made to a property after it was purchased, it can quickly increase its value and make it eligible for PMI removal. Our appraisal services assess the added value of these updates and provide the due diligence necessary to either remove PMI or keep it in place.

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Why Choose Velox for Your PMI Removal Appraisal Service?

The Homeowners Protection Act mandates that lenders eliminate private mortgage insurance once a borrower achieves a 78 percent loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. With Velox's PMI removal appraisal services, you'll receive an accurate appraisal that provides the assurance needed to move forward with adjustments to the mortgage agreement.

Whether you're seeking a swift property evaluation or are a service provider confirming PMI removal eligibility, our expert appraisal services ensure thorough due diligence before drafting an official PMI removal request letter.

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